We’ll figure out what makes your company different. That way, when the customer needs your services, they don’t just consider you, they come to you without considering anyone else.


Kiliaen Anderson


I’ve spent fifteen years in marketing, working with some pretty big names—The Washington Post, Nissan USA, Miller Brewing Company. In that time I’ve demonstrated an ability to grow businesses through careful marketing.  Now I work with a clientele small enough that I can work with everyone one on one.

You didn’t start your business because you wanted to strategize marketing. You started your business because you wanted to share your talents with the world. Well, my talents are in marketing, and I did start my business to do marketing.

I know you don’t want to deal with marketing. You want to build better visibility and have the world beat a path to your door. That means engaging with the community with a consistent message, so your potential customers identify your business with what you do best. 

Often, the difference between thriving and failing isn’t in how good you are at what you do; it’s how well you let people know. That’s marketing, and that’s what I want to provide for your company.



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